Topnotch Watch Services in Columbia, SC

While most watches are made to be tough or shock-resistant, they are still sensitive devices that require the utmost care to maintain good condition. This includes putting them in able hands when requiring repair or battery changes. WRS takes pride in our long list of superior-quality watch services in Columbia, SC.

  • Battery Replacement

    Our well-trained technicians are capable of replacing silver cell batteries, which are the most common, as well as most types of batteries for nearly all brands and models.

    Silver Cell Replacement: Minimum of $10.00

  • Lithium Battery Replacement

    More complicated than silver cell batteries are lithium batteries, which are also much harder to replace. Nonetheless, our technicians are well-trained for the job.

    Lithium Cell Replacement: Minimum of $20.00

  • High-End Battery Replacement

    Battery replacements for high-end watches, which generally cost about $5000 or higher, require a special set of tools and procedures. Hence, only our top watch technicians are allowed to perform them.

    High-End Service: Minimum of $50.00

  • Wind Up Watch Movement

    A basic wind-up watch is usually disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, and timed. With over 30 years of experience, our watchmakers can efficiently carry out this process.

    Basic Wind Up: Minimum of $100.00
    High-End Wind Up: Minimum of $175.00

  • Pressure Test

    Using the latest pressure-testing equipment in both dry and underwater environments, we can pressure-test virtually any watch up to a depth of 500 feet.

    Pressure Test: Minimum of $50.00

  • Band Pins and Screws

    Our inventory of vintage and modern watch band parts spans more than 3 decades and is extensive enough to have the pins and screws needed for nearly any watch or band.

    Pins and Screws: Minimum of $5.00

  • Band Adjustment

    Our skilled watch technicians can adjust any band to fit your wrist perfectly, whether it is made of leather, metal, stretch material, or even if it is a Rolex band.

    Band Adjustment: Minimum of $10.00

  • Automatic Movement

    As with a basic wind-up watch, an automatic watch is disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, and timed. Our experienced watchmakers have effectively mastered this process.

    Basic Automatic: Minimum of $150.00
    High-End: Minimum of $250.00

  • Crystal Replacement

    Our skilled watch technicians can replace practically any crystal using the best tools and techniques. We have an inventory of more than 26,000 vintage and modern crystals.

    Crystal Replacement: Minimum of $20.00

  • Watch Disinfection

    As precious as they are, watches can also be some of the dirtiest things you can wear. WRS offers watch disinfection services to help protect you against COVID-19 and associated health issues.  

    Watch Disinfection: Minimum of $10.00

  • Stem and Crown Replacement

    Watches can develop problems with their stems and crowns, which may leak, break, or even go missing over time. Our deft technicians can replace these parts on most brands so watches can work like new again.

    Stem and Crown: Minimum of $40.00

  • Clasp Replacement

    When clasps get broken, we don’t usually repair them. Instead, we replace them with high-quality generic clasps.

    Clasp Replacement: Minimum of $20.00

  • Polishing

    In addition to disinfection, polishing is also one of our most popular services and can easily bring the appearance of your watch back to life. We meticulously remove surface scratches and imperfections. Although some stubborn marks may remain, we will do everything we can to make it look as neat and new as possible.

    Basic Polishing: Minimum of $50.00
    High-End or Rolex: Minimum of $250.00

  • Gasket Replacement

    Gaskets usually need to be replaced every now and then. WRS has a large inventory that makes it easy to find the right gasket replacement for your watch.

    Gasket Replacement: Minimum of $5.00  

  • Quartz Movement

    Our quartz movement selection is one of the biggest in the country, dating back to the 1960s. We love providing vintage or modern quartz repair services.

    Quartz Movement: Minimum of $25.00  

  • Rolex

    WRS is one of the largest and most experienced independent watch repair shops that fully service Rolex and other high-end watches in the U.S.

    Rolex Service: Minimum of $650.00
    Rolex Chronograph: Minimum of $1500.00
    Rolex Band Restoration: Minimum of $1500.00
    Crown Work or Replacement: Minimum of $125.
    Sapphire Crystal: $125.
    Band Links: $100.

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